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New paper about the Hadesarchaea published!

The Ettema-lab has published a new paper about the discovery of a new group of archaea, the Hadesarchaea. This paper, which was the result of a collaboration with Brett Baker’s lab at UTexas (USA), describes the first characterization of the genomes of a group of archaea formerly known as SAGMAG. These archaea were first discovered in 3-kilometer deep gold mines in South-Africa,

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Movie about the research at the Ettema-lab

Part of the research in the Ettema-lab is being funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF, As part of the ‘Future Research Leader’ program of which Thijs is part of, a short feature film was made about the ongoing research in the Ettema-lab. This week, this film was published on Youtube: /TE

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Julian Vosseberg joins the Ettema-lab

This week, the Ettema-lab has expanded again: Julian Vosseberg, MSc student at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) has joined us to work on an exciting project under supervision of PhD student Joran Martijn. Together they will look at metagenomic datasets to find clues about the elusive origin of the mitochondria, the powerhouse of eukaryotic cells. Welcome Julian, and

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Ebba Bergman joins the Ettema-lab

This week, our lab has expanded yet again: Ebba Bergman joined us! Ebba is a Master student from the ‘X-program’ (Engineer program in Molecular Biotechnology) from Uppsala University, and she will work on building efficient bioinformatics pipelines for efficient analyses of large amounts of next-generation sequencing data. Welcome Ebba!   /TE

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Jennah joins the Ettema-lab

I am happy to announce that Jennah Dharamshi has joined the ettema-lab as a PhD student per Januari 1st! Jennah will work on the  exploration of novel microbes that reside in the environment, so-called ‘microbial dark matter’. To do so, she will use novel cultivations-independent techniques such as metagenomics and single-cell genomics, but also more

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Disa joins the lab

Disa Bäckström has joined the Ettema lab! Disa, who did her master thesis at the lab earlier this year, has joined the lab as a PhD student! Disa will work on the genomic exploration of ‘microbial dark matter’, focusing on new archaeal lineages and viruses, using both lab- and bioionformatics-based approaches. Welcome Disa! /TE  

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