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Reference notes on Bash, Perl, BioPerl, R, Python, Git, Beskow, Uppmax and various Bioinformatics Tools

Hej all, During the last 2,5 years I’ve been trying to write down what I have learned every time I learned something new “code” related. I have just published these notes on github for the world to see. Though they are probably written in such a way that I would understand them but not necessarily

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Stricter strict and warnings

I try to always make sure to have the modules strict and warnings in every perl script I make. Of course that means 2 lines of code

A nice module to replace these with is ‘strictures’. Basically it sets both strict and warnings, with the added benefit of making all warnings fatal.


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Reversing file permissions

Sometimes there is a need to temporary change the permissions of a bunch a files. And perhaps after that you’d want to restore them to their previous settings. A nice little tool for this is ACL. By first getting all the permissions files in a directory (including sub-directories) using the follwing snipper:

Then one

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