Claudia Bergin


My research interest is the application of a variety of (molecular) methods to new systems and challenge new methods – a good reason to take the position as a postdoctoral researcher in the new SciLifeLab pilot platform for Single Cell Genomics at Uppsala University. This pilot platform was initiated and supported by Stefan Bertilsson, Thijs Ettema, Janos Hajdu, and Inger Andersson. Together with Anna-Maria Divne, I am setting up and establish methods for single cell genomics, from single cell sorting, to whole genome amplification, target screening and sequencing library preparation.Why can you find me on this homepage? The Single Cell Genomics pilot platform strongly interacts with the Ettema-Lab as we share many interests and goals. We have mutual interaction scientifically and regarding lab resources, and support and profit from each other’s expertise.

My research background is molecular microbial ecology. Since my Diplom thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen, Germany, I am fascinated by symbioses between microbes and their (multicellular) hosts. My goal was, to figure out what each member of the symbiosis is doing and contributing to the symbiosis. However, since I like to pick challenging projects, the symbioses between bacteria and marine invertebrates I was studying could not be cultivated in the lab and neither symbiosis partner could live without the other(s). Naturally I had to apply a wide variety of molecular tools to address my basic questions.