Felix Homa



Bachelor degree in computer science at University Paris Descartes and Master degree in Bioinformatics at University Paris Diderot.
Previously I worked as Bioinformatician in the field of Plant improvement, first for the company Syngenta Seeds and then for the French research centers Cirad and INRA. Plant breeding is the process by which people modify plants to get some particular traits. My tasks were mainly to set up new pipelines (web tools or command line) for different purposes in the frame of the Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) program.

Current work

I moved from Montpellier in France to Uppsala in Sweden (such a difference!!!) in August 2014, to be a member of Dr. Thijs Ettema’s laboratory (a new challenge for me), to learn more about the very smallest beings and what kind of relation our world has to the invisible world of microbes.
Our lab is combining cultivation-independent approaches with the latest NGS technologies to explore the microbial diversity dealing with these new NGS data is a really exciting challenge for me. I’m in charge of the coordination of the bioinformatics developments and analysis.