Martha Schattenhofer

Project Coordinator


My childhood dream of following in Jacques Cousteaus footsteps and becoming a renowned marine biologist resulted in a PhD in marine microbiology from the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for marine Microbiology in Bremen (Germany). It also left me with a fascination of working on scientific research vessels (preferably in cold places like Antarctica) and the realization that I enjoy any kind of organisation and administration of scientific projects.

With my newly acquired PhD I moved to the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig (Germany), where I started investigating microbial bioremediation of contaminated sites. And soon I had the opportunity to get experience as project coordinator within the international Helmholtz-Alberta-Initiative (HAI) dealing with the topic of sustainable wastewater management of oil sand tailings in Alberta (Canada).

However, I wanted to get more exposure to foreign cultures & languages & countries. So I moved to Uppsala in 2013 where I worked as Post-Doc in the group of Stefan Bertilsson at Uppsala University to investigate microbes in lakes and learned a lot about winter sampling campaigns.


In my current position as project coordinator of Ettema-Lab I went back to my penchant for administration. I was delighted at the chance to make this kind of work my main focus and to provide support for the amazing scientists within the Ettema group. In addition to the office-tasks, I also have the opportunity to continue doing interesting lab work with the people here.

So, in my eyes I got the best of both sides of doing science!