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Stricter strict and warnings

I try to always make sure to have the modules strict and warnings in every perl script I make. Of course that means 2 lines of code

A nice module to replace these with is ‘strictures’. Basically it sets both strict and warnings, with the added benefit of making all warnings fatal.


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Moving “off the screen” windows in KDE

So, the current workstation I am using is a dual-monitor machine running openSUSE and KDE. This works great most of the time, but there is a quite annoying bug I encounter from time to time when it comes to how windows are handled. Sometime a window (for instance a save file screen) will be outside

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Reversing file permissions

Sometimes there is a need to temporary change the permissions of a bunch a files. And perhaps after that you’d want to restore them to their previous settings. A nice little tool for this is ACL. By first getting all the permissions files in a directory (including sub-directories) using the follwing snipper:

Then one

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The Ettema lab blog is born

In an effort to try to both document the things we learn, and also share this knowledge with everybody that wants to, we have decided to launch a new blog on the Ettema lab website. This blog will feature small snippets of code that we’ve found among the interwebs, or software which is useful for

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