Moving “off the screen” windows in KDE

So, the current workstation I am using is a dual-monitor machine running openSUSE and KDE. This works great most of the time, but there is a quite annoying bug I encounter from time to time when it comes to how windows are handled. Sometime a window (for instance a save file screen) will be outside of my screen. This is quite a stupid problem, but is surprisingly hard to fix.

After quite some time googling I found that there are global shortcuts (handled by kwin) that exists for moving windows using the keyboard. For some reason the ones that would be useful, like Meta+shift+J (Move window down) doesn’t work.

One thing that does work is to set a shortcut for ‘Move Window’, to some free key combination. Using this shortcut you will be able to get a drag window function, just like you would by using Alt+click, but for any window that is focused.

However, this does not give me back the hour I spent looking for a solution to this problem.