Torbjörn Larsson


Practice work

Biology has always been around me, starting with my upbringing close to my grandmother’s estate on the remains of her and her husband’s plant school. My parents met there, and their shared interest in plants, birds and nature excursions transferred to me. At the time of grade school I was rewarded a Sandvik’s study stipend for best student in biology. Characteristically it was a bibliography on Carl Linnaeus, since I cannot remember that we were taught as much evolution as taxonomy.

Being mystified by the workings of electronic circuitry led me to a MSc in Engineering Physics and a PhD in Electronics. I kept my biology interest to an elect course in molecular biology under Charles “Chuck” Kurland and Måns Ehrenberg. Later I found my way back to evolution and bioinformatics over an interest in cosmology and astrobiology, and when I could study one year after a double treat of traffic accident and immuno-disease nerve damage I elected a base year of MSc in Bioinformatics to start over. Being interested in deep phylogenies, the work and width of Ettema-lab suited me well, and I am happy to be accepted to do mutually useful practice such as amplicon pipeline development while looking for future work.